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Ese abrazo caluroso – That warm hug

¿Das vueltas por la cama y no puedes dormir?
¿Tienes a tu lado a tu esposa?
¿A tu novio?
¿A tu novia?
¿A tu hijo?
¿A tu hija?
¿A tu madre?
¿A tu padre?
¿A tus abuelos?
Abraza a la persona que amas ahora que está contigo.
Notarás que te aman más que a nada en el mundo.
Ellos esperan ese abrazo caluroso aunque no lo pidan.
Te aman más que a nada en el mundo. Lo repito porque en 
la persona que está a tu lado puedes encontrar ese calor 
que enrojece la piel y suaviza la respiración, tranquilizando 
tu motor.
Cuando suceden cosas en la vida que creemos no poder 
manejar, es cuando hay que cerrar los ojos y llevar la mente 
hacia la gente que nos ama realmente.
Gente que necesita vernos sonreír para ser felices también.
Deposita abrazos calurosos mientras deambulas por la 
vida. Nadie sabe qué sucede después.
Le harás bien a mucha gente, especialmente a ti mismo.

El Rompecabezas  Jeremias Salvaneschi 1999

Do you turn around in your bed and you can’t sleep? Is your wife by your side? Your boyfriend? Girlfriend? Son? Daughter? Mother? Father? Your grandparents?
Give them a hug.
Give a hug to that person you love now that they are with you.
You will see that they love you more than anything in this world.
They are expecting that warm hug even though they may not ask for it.
They love you more than anything in this world. I repeat this because you will find in that person by your side the warmth that makes your skin flush and softens your breathing, calming your engine.
There are things in life we believe we cannot deal with, that is when we need to close our eyes and picture in your mind those people who truly love us.
Those people who need to see us laugh in order to be happy themselves.
Do it.
Give warm hugs while you walk about through life. Nobody knows what happens later.
It will be good to many, especially to you.

The Puzzle Jeremias Salvaneschi 1999

lunes, 6 de marzo de 2017 – Monday, March 6th 2017

domingo, 5 de febrero de 2017

Luego de muchos años he vuelto a editar libros.

Se los presento.

El piojo, la Pulga y el Gusanito 2016

LLamadas al pasado 2017


After many years, I started editing books again. Here they are. The Louse, the Flea and the little Worm 2016, Calls to the Past 2017…

viernes, 1 de febrero de 2008 -  Friday, February 1st 2008


viernes, 1 de febrero de 2008

Mi último libro editado

Libro de poemas dedicado a mi pequeña hija Shaiel.


Libro de la Tragedia de Cromañón

Editado en el año 2005
Crónica poética.Book of the Cromañon Tragedy-Edited in 2005 Poetic Chronicle.

El Rompecabezas (Libro de Autoayuda)-The Puzzle (self-help book)

Libro editado en el año 2005
Book edited in 2005

 Jeremias Vicente Salvaneschi Garzarella, writer and poet with a long career, offers us his last work. He was born in San Fernando on October 7th 1978. He publishes his first book of poems at a young age, Life without Life in 1997. The following year, he makes research on the difficult field of stories with Tall Tales (1998). In 1999, he writes Between Day and Night, with which he expresses in writing his strong feelings for his loved wife. The Puzzle “nothing but a testimony”, gathers learning moments and pieces of advice his restless spirit collected. Twilight, love, forgiveness, and no to mistreatment are some of the themes he reflects upon with thoroughness and authority.

Libro dedicado a mi amada esposa-Book dedicated to my beloved wife

Este pequeño libro fué escrito entre

la noche y el día, en viajes de alegría

y dolor, hacia Mar de Ajó o de regreso

a Carapachay.

Buenos Aires


This short book was written between night and day during trips of joy and sorrow towards Mar de Ajó or back to Carapachay, Buenos Aires, Argentina…

Information about the author
Jeremias Vicente Salvaneschi Garzarella is a young man filled with desire for happiness and love, accomplished dreams and goals to achieve.
He was born in San Fernando, Buenos Aires on October 7th 1978. He published his first book Life without Life in 1997, which set his heart on writing. In 1998 with Tall Tales, he made it to the International Book Fair and so he was rewarded for his effort.
Today, Between Night and Day, is presented to us with an incredible strength dedicated to the woman who makes visible his biggest wish: Happiness.